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School Choice Tradeoffs

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ISBN: 0292728425, 9780292798625

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Godwin (political science & public policy, Univ. of North Carolina) and Kemerer (education law, Univ. of North Texas) gather and assess all of the arguments for and against school choice to provide a balanced look at this controversial topic. Detailing the pros and cons of the various possibilities, they outline the complexities surrounding the issue as well as its major sticking points. For example, studies have shown that parents of lower socioeconomic status tend to favor schools that emphasize traditional values and basic skills, while those of higher socioeconomic status prefer schools with a strong emphasis on abstract thinking and problem-solving skills. Among the points Godwin and Kemerer ponder are the educational outcomes of various types of schools, parental rights, equality of opportunity, the constitutionality of vouchers, the economics of choice, and accountability vs. autonomy. In the end, the authors offer their own design for a school choice program that they feel "makes appropriate tradeoffs among competing educational goals." While it is, of course, not certain whether their ideas will work, Godwin and Kemerer give policymakers, parents, and the public something worth pondering. Recommended for most public and academic libraries. Terry Christner, Hutchinson P.L., KS
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"This is a very strong book in an important field - possibly made all the more so by the election of Governor Bush to the Presidency and the empirical grounding of the book in San Antonio, Texas, data... I am confident that the President and his advisors could learn a lot from this book, and it just could be the lever to convince the President's team to embrace new policy details - details that might pave the way for a more widespread adoption of school choice experiments." Stephen D. Sugarman, Agnes Roddy Robb Professor of Law, University of California School of Law, Berkeley "Godwin and Kemerer's School Choice Tradeoffs is probably the best overview and appraisal of the school choice issue yet written. It is comprehensive in scope, acquainting readers with every important aspect of the subject, and exploring many of them in great depth. The authors pull together a vast range of scholarly literature and do an admirable job of organizing it, making sense of it, and putting it to use in building their own perspective on the issue... Their treatment comes off as objective and thorough, one that readers can have confidence in and learn from." Terry M. Moe, Professor of Political Science and Senior Fellow of the Hoover Institution, Stanford University "School Choice Tradeoffs sets the issue of educational choice in a very broad context. The issues and tradeoffs are set within a carefully drawn theory of education. The authors rigorously explore the legal, social science, and policy issues surrounding choice, ending with a fascinating and detailed proposal to expand educational choice options and increase equity. This is a must-read book for any serious student of educational reform in America." John Witte, Director of the La Follette School and Professor of Political Science and Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin, Madison "Most educators and citizens have a visceral response to school choice. Rarely do they have an understanding of the issues. In this major work on the subject, Godwin and Kemerer have shown us that there are many different systems of school choice, and each treats liberty, equity, and diversity differently. They show how we can match our values to features of choice plans to make informed judgments." Henry M. Levin, William Heard Kilpatrick Professor of Economics and Education and Director, National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education, Teachers College, Columbia University "Proponents and opponents of school choice will find it enlightening to read Godwin and Kemerer's book. They emphasize that when society tries to realize multiple educational goals - liberty, equity, diversity, accountability, and achievement - tradeoffs are necessary. The book explores them with theory, data, judgment, and intelligence." Carol H. Weiss, Beatrice B. Whiting Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education

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